Remember Kirby? This is him now.

Feel old yet?

Kirby is turning 29 this year on 27th April, so starting from 1st of the month, a celebratory menu item will be appearing at Japan’s two official Kirby Cafes in Tokyo and Hakata. For those who want to celebrate the round, pink hero’s special day with him, the cafe have come up with a super cute birthday cake that looks straight out of Dream Land.

The colourful offering is decorated with strawberry cream, a star shaped icing cookie and fruit. Kirby fans can try out the ‘Happy Birthday Kirby’ cake for themselves from 1st April to 9th May for 1,518 yen.

There’s also limited edition merchandise on sale to mark the momentous occasion such as badges and boxes of candy.

The Tokyo branch of the Kirby Cafe also has an exclusive box of candy which includes an adorable sticker.

If this gets you in the mood to celebrate the character’s 29th along with him, the full menu can be checked out on the Kirby Cafe website, where you can also reserve a table. There’s also an awesome spring-only, cherry blossom-inspired menu currently ongoing, which is definitely worth a look!

By - Jess.