Japan’s Kirby Cafes, which are located in Tokyo and Hakata, are forever exciting fans of the pink hero with their evolving menus. Two of the most eye-catching menu items at these cafes are the Kirby Burger, which has an adorable Kirby face imprinted on the bun, and the Kirby bento box, which you can even buy as a souvenir.

For this autumn, the Kirby Cafe has expanded on these two popular dishes by adding Waddle Dee versions to the menu. With his orangey colour, he’s perfect for the season, and these dishes have even got some healthy twists for fans to benefit from.

The Waddle Dee burger has been made with soy meat, perfect for those looking for a healthy option or hoping to cut down on some calories. There’s pasta, vegetables and soup on the side, and naturally, the bun has been decorated with a super cute Waddle Dee face. It costs 2838 yen and comes with a souvenir plate. The Tokyo and Hakata branches both have individual designs for super fans to collect.

The Waddle Dee lunch box contains a bit of a Hawaiian twist, as it is filled with a salmon and avocado rice bowl. It will set you back 2178 yen, but of course, you get your own Waddle Dee bento box to take home with you.

There's even a menu item inspired by Waddle Doo, the baddie version of Waddle Dee. His trademark big eye can be seen staring out of a tomato salad. This healthy dish is full of fruits and vegetables and costs 1298 yen.

Another autumn addition to the Kirby Cafe lineup is the ‘Quiet Forest’ drink. This beverage has an apple base with orange and strawberry jelly to create the colour of fall leaves. It’s only available as a takeout option from 'Kirby Cafe Hakata' and 'Kirby Cafe the Store Tokyo' for the autumn season. It costs 650 yen, or 980 yen to have the Kirby straw mascot included.

Booking information and the full menu with prices can be found on the Kirby Cafe website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.