The Hokkaido Gourmet Fair is one of Japan's annual popular events, and it usually takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Unfortunately, the event got canceled last year to prevent the pandemic from spreading. Because of that, many people are even more excited about this spring lineup and special menus.

The event is taking place at the Keio Department Store’s 7th floor, in Shinjuku, and it features a total of 69 stores, each with limited-time dishes and delicious flavors unique to the Hokkaido Prefecture.

This year, the event also has a spring selection of take-out Bentos perfect for those who want to enjoy Hokkaido’s cuisine but prefer eating at home in a safer environment.

Featured stores and dishes


1.Rebun Shima no Hito Rebuntō Honten: Luxury Seafood Bento Sakurasō

The lunch box contains high-quality ingredients from Rebun Island, the northernmost island of Hokkaido, and you can buy it for 2,500 yen.

2.Shakotan: Ezo Abalone Sea Urchin Salmon Roe Bento

Another luxurious bento box is the Ezo Abalone Sea Urchin Salmon Roe Bento from the Shokudō Umi no Ya of the Shakotan district (Shiribeshi Subprefecture). Price: 2,376 yen

3.Oshamanbe Hamagata Suisan: Ebi toro Ebi tabe kurabe bentō (Shrimp Toro Shrimp Eating Comparison lunch box) for 2,700 yen

The Hamagata Fisheries lunch box contains plenty of shrimp from Hokkaido, also delicious crab meat, and salmon roe as toppings.

4. Asahikawa- Asahikawa-Eki Tachiuri Shōkai: Kani Sanshu Tabe Kurabe(Comparison of eating three kinds of crab meat) lunch box for 3,780 yen

5. Nakagawa- Michi-no-Eki Nakagawa: Three kinds of Hokkaido beef steak & King Crab steak lunch box for 2,592 yen

6. Shiraoi / Shiraoi Japanese beef kingdom Uemura (Shiraoi Shiraoi Wagyū Ōkoku Uemura Bokujō): Shiraoi beef sirloin steak/blade steak flavored lunch box for 2,700 yen

7.Hakodate / Yakiniku Resutoran Bari bari SARAN: Dosan Beef Steak Assorted Bento for 2,268 yen.

8. Sapporo Grill Circus: Hokkaido's Three Kinds of Beef Steak Eat and Compare lunch box for 2,980 yen.

Sweets Selection

1.Teshio Uno Bokujō’s Hokkaido Berry and Organic Milk Soft Cream Parfait- 780 yen

2.Atsuma Town Haskap Farm Yamaguchi Farm: Haskap Sundae- 650 yen

3. Otaru / Otaru Western Confectionery LeTAO ‘s Furēzu Mascarpone Sandwich-540 yen

4. Sapporo Me-me: Me-me Oyaki (whole blueberry) -250 yen

5.Sapporo Potapota Ichigo: Special Strawberry Daifuku-300 yen

Eat-in options

1.Sapporo Kazuma: Ezo Nigiri and Colorful Donburi (Rice Bowl) - 3,850 yen

2.Sapporo Menshō Akamatsu: Salmon broth White Soy Sauce Ramen -1,200 yen

Akamatsu is famous for its salmon broth (sake dashi) ramen, and it uses fresh, local ingredients such as nemagari bamboo, which give the ramen a more authentic flavor.

For those interested to know more about Akamatsu and their unique salmon dashi ramen, check out our article about Top Recommended Ramen Shops in Sapporo.

Related Information

The event ends today, so if you're in the Shinjuku area, check it out! The venue is available from 10 am to 5 pm at the Shinjuku Store Keio Department

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