Located about 100km southwest of Sapporo city is the onsen town of Noboribetsu, famous for it’s nine different types of hot springs.
Like many other onsen towns across Japan, Noboribetsu onsen is heated by the power of volcanic activity, but what makes this place so uniquely special is the fact that you can visit its source directly.
Sitting just above the town, Jigokudani is a valley containing sulfurous streams and ponds with temperatures of over 50 degrees, hot steam vents, geysers and other volcanic features, as well as a multitude of hiking trails. Appropriately named ‘Hell Valley’, Jigokudani is the reason why the onsen town is able to exist below.

In the daytime, Jigokudani is alive with tourists flocking there to see the volcanic valley in all its steam and glory. Yet as the sun sets and night begins to settle, the area is overcome by a peaceful silence and a mysterious atmosphere which is only magnified under the light of the moon.

With this special guest package from the hot spring hotel Noboribetsu Sekisuitei, you can be one of the lucky ones who gets to experience the volcanic source of Noboribetsu Onsen after dark.

Avoid the tiresome crowds, and rely on the light of the moon and cantera lights to guide you along the pathway through ‘Hell Valley’. Feel the healing night breeze wash across your body and free your mind from the stresses of home.
After the adventure, head back down to the hot spring town for a relaxing soak in the hot waters of Noboribetsu Onsen.

To take part in the night tour, participants will need at least one night booked at Noboribetsu Sekisuitei hotel.
The hotel itself has a lot to offer, from the large public indoor bath and the beautiful rotenburo (both of which source their heated waters from Jigokudani), to the onsite ramen shop, karaoke bars and beauty salons. The hotel is so large and multidisciplinary, it has something to offer everyone.

The price for the hotel varies and depends on whether guests would like to add on breakfast, a regular dinner course or the autumn-limited dinner menu – ‘Six Demon Cooks Battle! Yunokuni Noboribetsu Crest Battle’.
This menu is based on a local legend that states that every few years, green demons, yellow demons, and black demons who live in the Jigokudani demon country gather together and take part in a culinary contest. As a guest of Noboribetsu Sekisuitei hotel, you will get the chance to choose which demon should win the contest.

Noboribetsu Sekisui-tei Jigokudani Night Adventure Plan Outline

The Jigokudani night tour will begin at the meeting point in the hotel lobby from 19:50pm. Participants should come prepared with comfortable walking shoes and clothes.
Reservation for the hotel and night tour can be made via the official website.

Location: Noboribetsu Sekisuitei, 203-1 Noboribetsu Onsen Cho, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido 059-0596

By - Connie Sceaphierde.