The shima enaga, or long-tailed tit, has definitely earned its nickname as "the cutest bird in Japan." Often compared to feathered Pokémon, the adorable white bird often looks camouflaged among the snow when it comfortably nestles in trees in Hokkaido. It's round, fluffy, and beady-eyed appearance definitely justifies that comparison.

That's why Boku, shima enaga (Twitter, Instagram) is such a popular follow on social media. Boku, shima enaga posts daily adorable photos of the bird, but has recently started making amazing Japanese food creations inspired by the long-tailed tit as an anime yanki delinquent, including sushi and curry. Their long-tailed tit as anime food creations are so popular they've even been turned into capsule toys.

Boku, shima enaga's latest work is a bit of departure, however. The long-tailed tit enthusiast turned the adorable bird into a dessert that while delicious, has many on Twitter horrified:

Boku, shima enaga recreated the long-tailed tit as a white chocolate dome with fruit filling, but as you can see, thanks to cracking it open and pouring it with cranberry sauce, it creates quite the terrifying visual of a bloodied "monster" as well as a shocking image of the bird being eaten. Regardless, many on Twitter found the delicious birdy dessert to be simultaneously macabre and adorable, with quite a few comparing it to the Crimson Beherit from grim fantasy anime and manga Beserk.

Whether it scares you or captivates you with cuteness, it's yet another delicious-looking and creative bird-to-food transformation by Boku, shima enaga.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.