You can't escape talk of cherry blossom during spring in Japan, but nemophila is another eye-catching seasonal bloom which comes out at this time of year. The attractive pastel hue of these flowers make them a gorgeous backdrop and locations such as the Hitachi Seaside Park (Ibaraki) are great places for a photo shoot thanks to their sea of nemophila. The product of these photo shoots have even more viral potential when starring an adorable animal as the main model. A few years ago a Shiba inu at the aforementioned park caught global attention after posing in among the pretty flora.

Recently, another animal has gone viral after frolicking beside these delicate blue flowers.

This cute little nemophila field is part of Awaji Farm Park England Hill in Hyogo prefecture. It’s currently temporarily closed due to the state of emergency, but the animals are taking their chance while there’s no visitors to enjoy the facilities for themselves.

This adorable lamb, called Himari, was born in March and she seems to be thoroughly enjoying her stroll alongside the flowers while no one else is around.

Even the staff themselves were gushing at the cuteness of the photos, writing in their caption, 'this is probably heaven.’

The park is projected to be closed until 11th May, but hopefully when it reopens there will still be some time to enjoy the nemophila. Until then, the resident animals will enjoy them enough for all of us!

By - Jess.