As many cat lovers will happily attest, there is no soothing energy that hits quite like that provided by a purring feline cuddling up on your lap. Unfortunately, even if you're a giant kitty fan, you can't exactly have a cat cuddle buddy with you all the time with complications such as work, living where cats aren't allowed, and of course, the whimsical nature of cats to begin with.

Fortunately, a crowdfunding effort in Japan to solve that problem has crushed it's goal by over 1000%, and it looks like the world will soon see the release of MeowEver--a purring lifelike cat plushie that doubles as a heater.

MeowEver was designed by a cat-loving staff member of Partners, a Japanese maker of talking animal plushies, who grew up with six cats but misses having them around now that she's raising a young child. She was inspired while longing for a cat on her lap while working from home to design a cat-like cushion that could be used during telework, at the office, or by people who couldn't own a cat for whatever reason.

One thing led to another and now the feline cushion is in the works, complete with a furry coat, ears, tail, and even a responsive purring mechanism that allows users to feel subtle vibrations as they pet their cat plushie.

MeowEver can also hold a microwavable gel pack, recreating the comforting warmth of a cat cuddled up on your lap. The designers decided to go with a "faceless" abstract design of a cat burying its face into your lap or shoulder after conducting a survey for model types.

It even has a built-in heartbeat unit that reproduces the pounding heartbeat of a cat, which can be adjusted to 120 beats per minute (approximated to simulate a cat's usual heartbeat rate) and 60 beats per minute.

Despite crushing its goal, the crowdfunding campaign for MeowEver will run until June 21st, so no official release date has been announced as of this time. Hopeful customers can keep an eye out on the official crowdfunding page for updates with the project.

A portion of each purchase is donated to efforts to help stray cats and dogs all throughout Japan via the Wannyan Fund of Japanese retailer Felissimo's cat club.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.