Losing weight is obviously not straightforward. Like me, you’ve probably tried your entire life to lose weight but have never been able to keep your motivation. If so, you also know the disappointment of being let down by every single fad diet under the sun. At this point, the only question left to ask is: how the heck can I lose weight!?

Well, we may finally have the answer: a collaboration between Sanrio and healthcare app, Asken.

Kawaii Diet: keeping motivation high and weight low

Kawaii Diet is a new healthy lifestyle app that helps users stay motivated and offers healthy lifestyle advice from cute Hello Kitty characters.

Kawaii Diet lets users keep track of calorie intake, exercise data, and even gives you helpful personal advice and tips. Simply log the foods you eat and cute characters like Hello Kitty gives you advice made by a professionally licensed dietitian.

In addition to tracking calories, Kitty-chan tells you the micro nutritional intake of everything you eat, including a breakdown of vitamins, fiber, fat, etc.

Working on diet with cute characters

The in-app advice comes from the whole cast of Sanrio characters. Each character will give slightly different advice. Check out the list below:

  • Hello Kitty – Calories
  • Gudetama – Protein
  • Pomupom Purrin – Fat
  • Pochakko – Calcium
  • Kuromi – Iron
  • Cinnamaroll – Vitamin C
  • Kerokero Keroppii – Fiber
  • Kirimi-chan – Sodium

You can stay motivated by cute characters and enjoy logging food!

If you want to know more, please visit the Sanrio Daily Apps website here. You can download the app at the App Store and the Google Play store (iOS currently available with Android coming soon).

This app is only available in Japan for iPhone users for now.


Not a resident in Japan?

Don’t worry! You can still enjoy an app provided by the same company. Asken Diet is a health tracking app available in North America. The US and Canada app offer the same functions as Kawaii Diet and you can get advice from a cute dietitian character called Miki.

By - Toby M.