If there ever was a place that created the most perfect of treats, it would be located somewhere in Japan. With bakeries, patisseries, smoothie parlors and sweet buffets all thoughtfully and artistically run by artisans and masters of sugar craft, it’s easy to see why this country can be a sweet-tooth’s ideal heaven.
One contender in particular for the title of ‘faultless sweet design’, is Japan’s original specialty brownie store –Côte Cour.

Each brownie bar from Côte Cour contains two types of carefully selected couverture chocolate, which adds both rich cacao flavouring and a smooth, moist texture to the irresistible sticks of chocolate.

Though arguably the most perfect brownie bar, the store doesn’t dwell on simplicity, and in addition to their standard Tokyo brownie, Côte Cour regularly releases a lineup of time-limited seasonal flavoured brownies.
This summer, the brownie company is bringing back their ‘Orangette Brownie’, which proved a popular snack during its debut last year.

This seasonal brownie consists of honey-pickled Valencia orange peel and Shonan gold jam kneaded into the rich brownie dough. By using fresh fruits to accent their chocolate, Cote Cour ensures the best brownies of the season. A chocolate sweet that doesn’t melt even when it’s hot makes this the perfect summer gift.

Orangette Brownie

Price:6 pieces including tax 1,404 yen
Available from: Thursday 3 June 2021
Purchase from: Ebisu Main Store, Matsuya Ginza Store, LUMINE Tachikawa Store, LUMINE Ogikubo Store, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Store and Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Kin no Tsubasa store (open for a limited time)

In addition to the reinstated Orangette Brownie, Côte Cour has also added an Earl Grey flavoured brownie bar and a raspberry chocolate sandwich to their current brownie menu.

Earl Grey Brownie Bar

Oriental Chocolate Sandwich filled with raspberry jam

By - Connie Sceaphierde.