Visually impaired Vtuber Hitomi Cocco's 2nd single "cute girl" earned the top spot in Brunei's music ranking.

Affiliated with CoCo Diversity Entertainment, an entertainment production company proposing new work opportunities and lifestyles for people with disabilities, 瞳美コッコ Hitomi Cocco made her YouTube Channel debut on August 31st, 2020.

Although visually impaired and using a glass eye (which is reflected in her avatar), her disability doesn't prevent her from enjoying her activities as a Vtuber. Cocco enjoys taiko drumming, fashion and is very energetic. As she announced in her debut stream which has over 391,640 views, she hopes to share some of her boundless energy with the world.

After releasing her first original single "SHU!!!" in June 2021, she released her second single "cute girl" two months later.

"cute girl"

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「ここにいる」koko ni iru (I'm here)


You can also enjoy the single 「ここにいる」koko ni iru, the first digital single by CoCo d.e. all stars, an omnibus group of artists with disabilities and intractable diseases affiliated with CoCo Diversity Entertainment.

Digital Distribution (LINE music)

For more information on CoCo Diversity Entertainment, visit their official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.