The YOU+MORE! brand of Japanese retailer Felissimo is known for some truly cute and quirky animal bags, plushies, and pouches, but in recent years their lineup has benefitted from collaborations with actual zoos and aquariums in Japan for creative and detailed recreations of animals popular at their facilities. In the past, these team-ups have resulted in an evolving plushie that transforms from egg to King Penguin, as well as a Kiwi pretending to be a kiwi fruit keychain.

Felissimo has once again decided to go the transforming route, this time teaming up with the staff at the Enoshima Aquarium to create a detailed plushie of the not-so-cuddly Japanese Spider Crab--one that sheds its carapace to grow in size!

The new stuffed animal release is quite literally, well, stuffed, as it recreates the unique molting process of the Japanese spider crab uses, growing in size as it exits its carapace with an even bigger shell.

The plushie is much the same, as the tightly compacted inner crab is slightly large than the the exoskeleton it sheds. A brighter shade of red to the freshly revealed crab is also recreated, and there is a slight difference in texture between the outer and inner plushies.

It can even be used as a very distinct-looking bag.

Staff from the Enoshima Aquarium oversaw the making of the bag to make sure the finest details of the crab's shell, facial features, and claws were reproduced with authenticity.

The Japanese Spider Crab molting plushie can be purchased from both Felissimo's Japanese and international online stores, as well as the Enoshima Aquarium's online gift shop.

By - Big Neko.