When Japanese Twitter user Shigeto Hashimoto (@sgt_xen) was invited to the beach by his wife, he likely wasn't expecting to be greeted by an army of felines that would become a favorite of beachgoers, but that appears to be just what happened. Just a few days ago, Hashimoto shared photos from Kamakura's Yuigahama beach that have become the talk of the town.

"At 5:30 this morning, my wife suddenly woke me up and said "we're going to the beach", so we headed to Yuigahama. For the time being I thought I'd sit and read, so I pulled out a beach chair and SHONAN TIME magazine to read. Then she shouted "look at this!", and when I turned around a ton of cats had been born. It seems like she's making them into Yuigahama's new landmark!"

Source: @sgt_xen

Source: @sgt_xen

"Guardian cat gods of the inlet."

While Hashimoto was getting ready to lounge at the beach, his wife had transformed the surrounding beach area into a cat lover's heaven. To do this she used the "infinite cat making machine" Neko Cup, a popular cat-shaped mold that can instantly turn dirt, sand, and even food into a feline work of art (available for purchase at grape Shop).

Word spread among locals on Twitter, who took the opportunity to enjoy a fun day at the beach which now seems to have its own kitty mascots.

The two departed for the day hoping that beachgoers would enjoy their new cat company for as long as they could. Just when Hashimoto thought there wouldn't be any left on such a crowded day, he was pleasantly to surprised to see them mostly in tact, and moved by everyone's love for cats.

Hashimoto then reminded us that while the Neko Cup is great for creating some cats at the beach, it also makes for some adorable interior decor, especially when posed next to his family cats.

For perhaps more beach cat updates, be sure to follow Hashimoto on Twitter, as well as grab your own Neko Cup below.

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By - Big Neko.