Those who live with pet birds know that they have to be alert for the sudden divebomb when their feathered friends are out of their cages. Japanese Twitter user @mameumemofutiri, who lives with two java sparrows, is quite used to that.

Recently, @mameumemofutiri provided an example that shows that no matter how used you are to said divebombs, however, you can still find yourself staring at something totally surprising. Their younger sparrow, Mame-chan, has a fondness for flying just about anywhere, and that includes drinking glasses--resulting in this hilarious set of pictures.

@mameumemofutiri shared the picture with the caption "Customer! You're causing a problem, customer!", and that's because Mame-chan has decided to take a dip in a cup designated as the drinking water for the household's senior sparrow.

Still, the photos charmed many on Twitter, who noted that Mamae-chan was showing off her "sexy" legs and striking a pose that seems to say "What are you going to do about it?"

@mameumemofutiri says they made sure to take Mame-chan to proper bath afterwards, and hopefully replaced the other sparrow's drinking water as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.