Customer service in Japan is often praised by both international travelers and residents alike, with many staff at stores and train stations going an extra and sometimes seemingly unnecessary mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. For the rare cases where it goes truly above and beyond, however, Japan has coined the term "Godly customer service" (神対応, kami-taiou) to use. Nintendo seems to be one of the leading companies in this regard, having famously put extra effort into satisfying customer needs that sometimes bring a tear to your eye.

One of Japan's largest delivery services Kuroneko Yamato is not far behind, however. Although called "Yamato Transport" in English, their name translates to "Black Cat Yamato" in Japanese, and their logo is a mother black cat carrying her kitten by the scruff of their neck to illustrate how delicately they handle your packages.

Instagram user @hayasayu.shi_ba) recently was treated to a simple act that's being called Kuroneko Yamato's Godly customer service by many a dog lover. Although they had been expecting a package, @hayasayu.shi_ba noticed a "failed to deliver" notice in her mailbox. While that in itself isn't unusual, the message the delivery person left is:

"I was going to leave your package at the front door, but since Princess Sayuki was sleeping so comfortably, I will take it back with me. I apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for your cooperation."

The delivery person was greeted by the sight of @hayasayu.shi_ba's 10-year old white shiba inu Sayuki sleeping soundly inside the gate outside the front door. While the staff normally would have set and left the package over the gate for @hayasayu.shi_ba to pick up when they returned home, instead they were afraid of disturbing the sleeping dog and showed the consideration to arrange for another time instead!

Of course, it's easy to see why you wouldn't want to upset such a delightful shiba like Sayuki.

@hayasayu.shi_ba shared the story to Instagram saying "on the contrary, I'm sorry for making them leave a notice." The delivery truck was later parked at a nearby convenience store, so they were able to go and receive the package by hand.

Many were touched by the delivery person's familiarity and ongoing friendship with Sayuki, and the consideration they showed with comments like "what a kind courier", "they must always be looking over Sayuki", and "this is a great example of Godly customer service."

If Sayuki is awake next time, perhaps she'll get to thank the delivery person herself!

By - Big Neko.