Nissin Foods Co., Ltd., internationally famous for Cup Noodle, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand with various events and collaborations this year. For example, they released a low-carb protein-packed Cup Noolde PRO, and they teamed up with publisher Takarajimasha on a commemorative book and Cup Noodle-shaped pouch set.

Now, they have teamed up with Yaokin Co., Ltd., which makes the popular dagashi snack Umaibō うまい棒. Some of our readers may recall the "tasty stick" snack when we reviewed them for the inaugural installment of News Crossing, our joint project with Asahi Shimbun's online media withnews.

Nissin and Yaokin's collaboration has yielded a limited-edition series of eight Umaibō called "Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor"

Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor

These limited-edition Umaibō series offer the delicious taste of eight classic Cup Noodle flavors with the unique flavor and crunchy texture of Umaibō. The series follows the fun package design of the Umaibō brand which kids of all ages have come to love, featuring their mascot character Umaemon in various situations and guises with an often humorous touch.

The campaign will begin at FamilyMart stores nationwide on August 31st, and online on September 6th with a limited number of 3,000 units to be given away on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who purchase eligible products at the Nissin Foods Group Online Store.

(Please note that "Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor" will not be sold individually.)

Flavor Lineup

Original Cup Noodle Flavor

Original soy sauce flavor with a hint of pepper.

Seafood Noodle Flavor

Seafood flavor with pork, seafood and red ginger. A squid heel wrestler has Umaemon in an octopus hold. He says: "Deadly Octopus Hold!!!" while Umaemon says "I give up!"

Cup Noodle Curry Flavor

Mild curry flavor with a sweet vegetable taste. Chef Umaemon is preparing curry. It must be very fancy curry, since he's saying "très bien" in French.

Chili Tomato Noodle Flavor

Chili tomato flavor with a spicy kick. Umaemon is chased by a chili pepper witch and a cackling tomato Jack-o'-lantern.

Cup Noodle European Cheese Curry Flavor

Rich beef curry and cheese flavor. Cheese boy and pals seem stoked to join the curry pot while the cheese grater makes cheese-grating noises: chichichichichichi....

Cup Noodle Salt Flavor

Western-style salt flavor with smoked olive oil. Umaemon fancies himself as Turkish food chef, entertainer and restauranteur Nusret Gökçe, AKA Salt Bae, saying "Mmmmm....Smoky..." as he sprinkles some salt on a bowl of edamame.

Cup Noodle Miso Flavor

Rich miso flavor with ginger and garlic. In a play on words on the Japanese phrase 手前味噌 temae miso, literally written "one's own miso" but meaning "singing one's own praises," Umaemon is showing off his wares in front of a traditional miso shop. Text: "If I do say so myself, it's delicious."

Cup Noodle Tasty & Spicy Tonkotsu Flavor

A spicy tonkotsu (pork bone) flavor with a hint of chili oil and Sichuan pepper. Umaemon, sporting a mohawk as the singer in a pig rock band, screams: "Spicy and tasty!!!!"

Nissin Foods Group Online Store campaign

For every purchase of an eligible product at the Nissin Foods Group Online Store, customers will receive one "Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor."

  • Period: September 6th, 11:00 to September 12th, 2021, 23:59 JST
  • Eligible products: Regular size Cup Noodle products.
  • Number of units: 3,000
  • The campaign will end when all units have been distributed.
  • One of the eight flavors will be included with your purchase at random.

In addition to individual purchases, from mid-September, customers will also be able to buy a "Cup Noodle 50th Anniversary Complete Set," which includes all eight standard Cup Noodle flavors, all eight corresponding Umaibō Cup Noodle flavors, and a 50th-anniversary limited-edition item.

FamilyMart campaign

For every two eligible products purchased at FamilyMart stores nationwide, you'll receive two "Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor" in the flavor of your choice.

  • Period: August 31th, 10:00 to September 13th, 2021
  • Eligible products: Regular size Cup Noodle products
  • Note: The campaign will end when the supply of "Umaibō Cup Noodle Flavor" units at each store is exhausted.


By - Ben K.