When instant noodle maker Nissin isn't busy working on the 1-meter long soba noodles to wish for long life or the world's chewiest instant udon, they're most likely capturing headlines with the many additions to their flagship lineup of Cup Noodle. In recent years Nissin has been responding to dietary concerns with Cup Noodle, including a series that meets all of one's daily nutritional needs.

Their latest release, which celebrates Cup Noodle's 50th anniversary is title Cup Noodle PRO, and it contains 15g of protein while cutting 50% of the normal variety's carbs.

Cup Noodle Pro (as you can guess, the "pro" is a play on both "professional" and "protein") features 15g of protein, which is a 1.8x increase over the protein contained in Cup Noodle's Mystery Meat flavor. The noodles use a triple frying process that results in high fiber and a 50% reduction in carbohydrate content.

It's available in two flavors, a standard Cup Noodle Pro which uses includes "High Protein Mystery Meat" (seasoned minced pork), scrambled eggs, shrimp, and green onion served in a black pepper spiced soy sauce broth.

A Seafood Cup Noodle Pro flavor is also available, which contains Squid, crab flavored fish paste, scrambled egg, cabbage, and green onion in a rich soup with a pork base and a strong seafood flavor. Both feature thinner noodles than usual.

Both go on sale in Japan starting April 5th.

By - Big Neko.