If you're interested in Japan and have been following some of the news in the last few months, chances are you've heard of Amabie. The fishlike, disease-fighting monster supposedly first appeared during the Edo period, rising from the waters of Kumamoto prefecture, where it made predictions of a good and long harvest, before prophesying it’s future reappearance in a time of need, should ever one arise. Before disappearing into the deep, Amabie is quoted as having said, “if an epidemic ever spreads, draw a picture of me and show it to everyone.”

The monster has now reappeared to fight COVID-19, turning into Japan's unofficial mascot in its fight against the invisible threat. In order to spread Amabie images in accordance to the monster's admonitions, Japanese companies have jumped on the occasion, creating everything from rice crackers, beer, sake, donuts, pudding and wagashi sweets in the monster's likeness.

But now, it's finally getting some help from a true star: Hello Kitty. That's right, Japan's most beloved and well-known character is teaming up with Amabie for a special series of collaboration goods.

Amabie and Hello Kitty collaboration

The series features cookies and candy drops, as well as a whole line of accessories made with antimicrobial materials.

Three design images

The products will be made with three main designs featuring Hello Kitty dressed as Amabie, or Hello Kitty and Amabie side by side:

Cider Drops

Price: 400 JPY + tax. On sale from late June, 2020.

Cream sandwich cookies

Price: 600 JPY + tax. On sale now.

Antimicrobial mask pouch

To put your face mask and a few essential makeup items.

Price: 1,300 JPY + tax. On sale from August, 2020.

Antimicrobial Eco-bag

Price: 1,100 JPY + tax. On sale from August, 2020.

To find out more about the whole lineup, visit the official product page at the Asunaro online store here.

By - Ben K.