The experience of making a hair donation was indeed meaningful and fun, though I must say I do not look my best in a short hairdo. (Author)

Moa Maeda, for JAPAN Forward

We all have a few self-conscious traits about our appearance. We all understand how these can significantly affect our self-esteem.

So imagine how hard it is for children suffering from hair loss. Whatever the cause may be ー alopecia, chemotherapy, severe burnsーwigs made from hair donations bring the shine back into their lives.

The good thing is, hair donation is accessible for almost everyone. By making sure your hair matches preset conditions and following a few simple steps and general requirements, your hair donation will be up and ready to deliver!

The author, before her hair was cut. | © JAPAN Forward

Donating My Hair

I donated my hair at the beginning of August, and the process wasn’t all new to me. It was my second time. That feeling that my big chop had done some good for a child like me out there certainly was worth the three years of patience, enough for me to consider going through the process again from the start!

Going to the hair salon, I was definitely excited. I longed for that feeling of walking out of the shop with a light heart, awed at the lost burden weighing down my head, right after a big haircut.

The whole process took as long as I had expected. In my memory from three years earlier, it had taken hours before the final touches.

Ironically the start was the climax: measuring the length of my hair, then chopping it off, one bundle at a time. This process was finished first, putting off wetting the hair for later. After that first step, the rest of the salon visit is the same as for a normal haircut.

Here’s a tip: in some salons they will give you a discount for your contribution.

The salon where I cut my hair no longer did the filing and shipping process due to changes in COVID-19 regulations. So I received an envelope with the address, a plastic bag containing my hair, and the donation form. The experience itself was indeed meaningful and fun, though I must say I do not look my best in a short hairdo. That is a cost to consider when making your cut. After all they say an experienced person knows it all.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.