Nissin has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of their marquee Cup Noodle in Japan in many ways, including new eco-friendly packaging that hides cute cats and foxes inside your ramen, as well as introducing a low-carb and protein packed variety.

That doesn't mean they're straying away from exciting flavor twists such as replacing their mystery meat with mystery karaage fried chicken, however. To continue their 50th anniversary celebration, Nissin is releasing a new "Cup Noodle Super Combination" series, featuring four new Cup Noodle flavors each contain a fusion of two existing popular flavors!

The series was made after Nissin tested a total of 28 combinations. Four were carefully selected and "combined" by verifying the ratio of soup and combination of ingredients that would give the best taste while maximizing of each base flavor. The unique packages were made by Japanese design agency Nendo.

The resulting flavor combinations were Siupoodle, made from Shio (salt and black pepper flavor) and original Cup Noodle. Searry, made from Seafood flavor and Curry flavor. Tonso, a fusion of spicy and delicious tonkotsu (pork bone broth) flavor and miso Cup Noodle. And finally, Cheechili Curmato , a hybrid of Chili Tomato Cup Noodle and European Cheese Curry Cup Noodle.

Of course, Nissin announced the combination of flavors in a video of Cup Noodle superheroes fusing their flavor powers together.

So how do the flavor combinations break down? Let's take a look!

Siupoodle features a "Western-style salt-flavored broth" that combines the original soup of Cup Noodle with the flavor of smoked olives.

Searry is a hybrid seafood curry flavor that blends seafood soup with the umami of pork and vegetable found in Cup Noodle Curry for a "mild curry" broth with a seafood kick.

Cheechili Curmato combines the sweet and sour taste of spicy tomato soup with the richness of cheese in a demi-glace curry soup. A special cheese powder packet mixing Parmesan, Emmental, and Gouda cheeses is included as optional seasoning.

Tonso is a fusion of rich miso and tonkotsu pork bone soup. It's spiced with ginger, garlic, and Chinese pepper, and comes with "special umami spicy chili oil" as an attached optional seasoning

Cup Noodle's combination series will be available throughout Japan on September 13th.

By - Big Neko.