When it comes to desserts, puddings and cakes, no one does it better than Japan. With flavour, texture and looks all on point, it’s pretty much impossible to come across a sweet treat here that is sub-par.

Of course, this high-level of culinary excellence all comes down to the specialists who spend each waking moment perfecting whatever it is they work exclusively with. It’s down to this segmentation of food specialists, that you won’t often find crossovers in dishes or food categories here; bakeries make bread only, pudding stores only sale puddings, and you probably shouldn’t buy that crepe to go along side your tapioca drink from that specialist bubble tea store, when there’s an actual crepe shop just across the road (and vice versa).

Despite this, there are still moments when you can find a collaboration of food items that only the gods could have come up with, such as this donut and cheesecake mash up from Koe Donuts Kyoto.

Available from the 21st of September, this Donut Melt Banana Cheesecake is the first of Koe Donuts exclusive ‘Donut Melt’ range, which will consist of fresh donuts that can be eaten with a knife and fork.

The Donut Melt Banana Cheesecake features cream cheese and slices of banana sandwiched between two halves of an organically and locally produced donut.
The cake-style donut is the perfect blend of rich, sour cream cheese and sweet banana slices.

Limited to eat-in only, the Donut Melt Banana Cheesecake will be available for 935 yen.

In addition to the Donut Melt Banana Cheesecake, there are also two new regular donuts on the menu available for take-out.

Chocolate Banana Rare Cheese Filled Donut

Price: 330 yen

This yeast dough donut is packed with thick and milky rare cream cheese, that surely must have been sourced directly from heaven. A generous helping of dark chocolate and slices of banana help to balance out the sweetness of the cream cheese filling with a touch of bitterness.

Banana Cheesecake Ring Donut

Price: 286 yen

A rich frosting of cream cheese tops this ring donut which is bursting with flavour from the organic bananas and cinnamon that are mixed into the batter. A sprinkle of pecan nuts adds a contrasting crunch to the moist donut.

Cheesecake Banana Juice

Price: 715 yen

Of course, every treat goes down better with a drink, and nothing pairs better with Koe Donut’s lineup than their Cheesecake Banana Juice.
Organic bananas that have been aged to a perfect level of sweetness are blended with a helping of slightly salty cheese mousse in this autumn-limited edition beverage.

Koe Donuts Kyoto

Location: 1F Sakaiza Building, 557 Shinkyogoku Shopping Street, Kyoto City Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 (usually the stores operates from 8:00am, but due to the State Of Emergency some temporary changes have been made to the store business hours)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.