One of Japan's favorite traditional sweets is dango, dumplings made from mochiko rice flour and often served on skewers, sometimes by roadside stands and shops. Mitarashi dango, which are slathered in a sweet soy sauce glaze and come with a slight roast, are particularly popular, especially in the spring.

Fukuoka-based Japanese confectionery store Hakata//yamadaya has recently become the viral talk of the town for sweets fans due to their new game-changing samurai-themed dango.

If you're wondering what could be samurai-themed about sweet dumplings, a video the store posted to their Instagram will easily show you why:

The new dango skewer, dubbed the Mitarashi Samurai, is so long it has to be unsheathed from its case like a katana! While a normal skewer of dango tops off at 4-5 dumplings at most, the Mitarashi Samurai is part of the store's new "One Skewer, 25 Dumplings" series that one could easily imaginer wearing around their waist and dueling enemies with--while having a snack, of course.

Mitarashi Samurai

The sword-like dango come in other flavors as well, such as the Mankai Sakura (Full bloom sakura), which uses cherry blossom flavored bean paste perfect for dango dueling under sakura trees.

Mankai Sakura

There's also the Hana yori dango, which is a pun on a Japanese idiom that means substance over style. This dango on this long skewer each have a different flavor.

Hana yori dango

Inquiring about the product, the store owner told us that Hakata//yamadaya has 48 types of dango with handmade sauce and dough/paste. The "One Skewer, 25 Dumplings" series was made as a way to introduce the 25 most popular flavors to customers, and are made to please in both taste and surprising appearance.

Their standard Hana yori dango box of 48 seems to confirm that!

The samurai dango skewers are only available at the Noma Sohonten location and not their other stores. The Mitarashi Samurai (1,890 yen), Mankai Sakurai (1,980 yen) and Hana yori dango (2,480 yen) were released on April 1st and will continue to be available until just after Golden Week.

If you're in the area and looking to be a crowd pleaser at a cherry blossom viewing party, why not show up swinging a dango katana as a sweets samurai?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.