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Japanese cat’s playtime takes a turn for the worse

You can find stuffed animals, feathers on string, bells, and all sorts of toys at pet stores. But oftentimes curious pets enjoy playing with people’s things even more.

Japanese Twitter user Maku (@yonasawa) frequently updates her account with cute and funny content starring her cat, as seen below.

When Maku’s cat found a hair band, he was entranced by the new toy. But playtime took a sudden turn for the worse and Maku posted the scene on Twitter.

"My cat was playing with a hair band but became dispirited when it suddenly turned into an Elizabethan collar" -マクー (@yonasawa) August, 31, 2021

The video shows the cat at home in a tatami room, trying to escape from the headband. After 15 seconds of struggle, he gives up and gives his owner a look that says,

"Excuse me, can you please take it off…"

The video has become quite a hit on Twitter with over 821K views and 74K likes.

People who saw the video said

  • I’ve been healed since this morning…
  • He’s so stupidly cute!
  • He reminds me of the Mister Donut character Pon de Lion.

There is definitely a likeness between the two!

Maku posted an update of her cat once the headband was safely removed.

"It took a few seconds for him to realize I took it off his head"

Though Maku’s cat did not look happy at all, he brought a smile to many people’s faces!

By - Mujo.