Last year, Japan’s digital art collective teamLab opened their own collaboration vegan ramen restaurant in Kyoto called ‘Vegan Ramen Uzu’. Not only does this spot boast delicious plant-based dishes, but diners can also experience being surrounded by amazing digital art as they eat. It was so popular upon opening, that people were willing to queue for up to an hour to be seated.

Now this venture is being brought to Tokyo, with Uzu getting their own space in teamLab’s permanent art museum, teamLab Planets, located in Toyosu. The eatery will include a lineup of awesome vegan ramen options, as well as brand new art to enjoy.

Ramen flavours that have previously appeared on the Kyoto menu will be making their Tokyo debut. This includes soy sauce ramen.

And a spicy miso ramen.

But there’s also new creations to be had, dreamed up just for the Tokyo branch. There’s tea flavour ramen.

And a chilled ramen dish decorated with colourful flowers.

If you’re looking for post-ramen dessert, vegan ice cream is on the menu too.

One of the two new art pieces which diners can enjoy is ‘Reversible Rotation - Non-Objective Space’. This digital exhibit even engulfs the very tables and chairs that visitors are dining on with spatial calligraphy that shifts between two and three dimensions.

The second one is called ‘Table of Sky and Fire’, a table that reflects the sky and ‘the Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky’.

There’s also extra seating in the form of teamLab’s ‘One Stroke Bench’, a single, connected stretch of bench which wraps around, forming both seating and tables.

Not only visitors to the museum, but anyone can enter Vegan Ramen Uzu Tokyo. These dishes can also be prepared for takeout for those who prefer to eat at home these days.

Full menu and opening times can be found on Vegan Uzu’s website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.