Some of our readers may recall Japanese icing artist Manna-Tanuki (@maaco414). We previously introduced some of her colorful and kawaii icing cookie creations like these Kirby meringue cookies and this box of cookies inspired by Howl's Moving Castle.

In addition to her Twitter, TikTok and Instagram accounts, she also has a YouTube channel, simply entitled "Manna-Tanuki" which has gained popularity with over 214,000 registered users at the time of writing.

She also posts videos of icing cookie courses for beginners, so if you've ever wondered what icing cookies are and how they're made, take a look:

And here's a video featuring some beautifully-crafted Kirby sugar art and how she made it!

It's amazing how three-dimensional it is, and how every little part is meticulously handcrafted!

The video's a pleasure to look at.

Here's another amazing work. Using small pieces of chocolate, Manna-Tanuki created familiar emoticons.

Please take a look and see how she made it and marvel at her detailed work in drawing the faces one by one!

As you can see, this piece was inspired by a candy package!

Her videos receive rave reviews with people leaving comments like "Everything is cute from beginning to end" and "Everything shows off your genius!"

This is truly edible art.

We can't wait to see more of Manna-Tanuki's creations!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.