Fan-made anime trailers putting a spin on classic titles, such as re-imagining My Neighbor Totoro as a gruesome horror film, aren't exactly a new phenomenon, but Freelance artist Dmitry Grozov (also known as Ahriman) may have just set the bar with a new take on Star Wars. As both fan artists and professional Japanese warrior portrait artists have shown, the Star Wars universe and Japanese samurai have a natural aesthetic synergy, but Grozov's vision for the galaxy adventure gives the franchise a nostalgic old-school anime feel!

As we've had the pleasure of introducing before, Grozov has a talent for giving classic film scenes retro anime makeovers, but this time he has provided a trailer for A New Hope fully embracing that style, complete with Japanese voice acting.

Short but sweet, the trailer's 80's anime retro feel has us longing for a proper retelling done with such a level of quality. Different just enough to give the beloved film a new shine, but with a nostalgic charm that hearkens back the older Mobile Suit Gundam series or Macross. To see how Grozov applies his old-school anime style to other popular films, read more about him here.

By - Big Neko.