Cover Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of "hololive English Shorts" as a special project for YouTube shorts on "hololive English", their Vtuber group geared towards English-speaking countries.

"hololive English Shorts" is a special project celebrating and reflecting on "hololive English" one year after their debut by delivering various moments in a 60-second vertical short video format. The videos showcase the cute and funny moments the girls have shown in their past videos, as well as the nostalgic moments that fans will surely remember.

Not only new fans interested in the history of "Hololive English" but also fans who have been supporting hololive English for a long time will be able to enjoy them and hopefully introduce them to their friends.

"hololive English Shorts" information

You can watch "hololive English Shorts" at the following links:

  • First video: "Introducing #holoENshorts! #Shorts" (Uploaded November 2nd, 10:00 JST) link.
  • Subscribe to "hololive English Shorts" YouTube Channel

"hololive English Shorts" will post a video every day for a limited time, so be sure to check it out!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.