Japanese "muscular performance group" ALL OUT (ALLOUT_smile) is always on the lookout for ways to translate their ripped physiques and enthusiasm for fitness into events and services. In the past they've manned a Muscle Cafe where they flex wile squeezing juice, cosplay and muscle escort services, and even offered to carry people around at summer festivals.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that the group is once again getting creative with their musclebound interests, as they've staged a "Muscle tea party" in the form of a Japanese tea ceremony, complete with incredibly buff traditional Japanese sweets.

The treat itself is highly reminiscent of mizu manju, a transparent traditional Japanese confectionery, as well as other Japanese jellies. Of course, the transparent bodybuilder dessert contains protein.

The muscular jello like sweet looks almost like the upper half of group representative AKIHITO (@AkihitoAll.)

The "Muscle Tea Party" was held on August 9th at the venerated Tokyo tea house, Yurokuan, and actually overseen by a traditional tea ceremony master, Wataru Kaji. The concept behind the event was to combine matcha protein, which is now popular in Japan with traditional tea ceremony and of course, give it the muscle aesthetic ALL OUT is known for.

Also in attendance, and the man behind the jiggly bodybuilder sweets, was Akira Takatoriya (@Shams_Qamar_JP), the first Japanese person to serve as a bodybuilding contest judge in the Middle East. Here he is enjoying a protein shake and the sweet itself.

While this particular event was held by ALL OUT MEMBERS, it seems likely that in the future, when people are more able to freely travel, they could hold a more public version where guests can participate in a matcha protein shake tea ceremony and enjoy the buff bodybuilder Japanese sweets.

You can find out more information about upcoming ALL OUT events and projects by following their website. You can also follow the group and their daily bodybuilding activities on their official Twitter account (@ALLOUT_smile).

By - Big Neko.