Sometimes completely different types of animals can form the closest of bonds.

Japanese Twitter user Nyankokame (@nyanko_kame78) recently showed that with an adorable video of their two very different pets hanging out.

Nyankokame lives with a few cats and, notably, an African Spurred Tortoise. They recently shared a video on Twitter showing off one of their kittens getting along very well with the tortoise--by riding on top of it wherever it goes!

“There’s no such thing as “an unknown creature” for this kitten. Just like he would with his other older cat in the house, the kitten tries to engage with the tortoise so playfully. It’s a good thing the tortoise has a gentle personality.”

And below is when she caught them from a front angle.

Although the kitten is tiny, it is possible that it’s possible the tortoise is conscious of the weight on top as it seems to be moving carefully.

“The kitten is about 500g. I wonder if it still feels heavy for the tortoise.”

The sweet interaction between the two has created an adorable buzz on Twitter, making many people smile. It received many comments such as “It’s a turtle taxi!” and “A master of cuteness.”

The kitten was reportedly found abandoned a few weeks ago, and that’s when Nyankokame rescued and took him into the family.

As you can see from the video, the kitten is not skittish but seems to have become well-adjusted to the new home.

And he also has a friend who (slowly) helps him get around the house.

By - Mugi.