Prime 1 Studio is a Japanese manufacturer that has a large resume of high quality polystone statues (some even full-scale) and figures based on popular characters from film, American comics, video games, anime and manga. Their Cutie1 series throws a strange, but adorable wrinkle into that by cutesifying classic characters into "deformed kawaii" figurines. Just recently they turned Pennywise from Stephen King's It into a surprisingly cute eldritch monster.

Their latest endeavor applies that same odd cuteness to the enigmatic Skull Knight from the epic manga and anime Berserk by the late, great Kentaro Miura. The dark and dreary world of Berserk may not be the first thing you think of when imagining cute figures, but somehow Prime 1 Studio has turned the ancient being into quite the adorable chibi collectible.

The figure recreates Skull Knight's armor down to the last detail, including his signature sword and shield.

The figure is currently available to order from the Cutie1 online shop (both Japanese and English order pages available).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.