It's no secret that one of the many pleasures of watching Studio Ghibli foods is lusting for the lifelike and mouth-watering food that often appears in them. Even without sometimes knowing what some of the food is, many fans have attempted to make them at home. While not the exact food from the film, Studio Ghibli exhibits have even featured cafes with film-inspired menus. Now the official Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, is going a step further by opening an exhibition that showcases classic eating scenes from the films, along with life-size recreations of their kitchens.

The museum recently put efforts into a mega-revival of its past exhibitions, including a giant Cat Bus that adults can ride, but the entirely new exhibition, called Drawing Eating, will display classic scenes of characters pigging out on delicious food in Studio Ghibli films. The exhibition will also include personal memos and comments from animation staff, explaining how they were able to create such nostalgic and delicious-looking food, along with storyboards and production materials.

Some of these scenes include Sheeta and Pazu in Castle in the Sky eating a toast and egg combination that has become a big hit in Japan, Chihiro from Spirited Away gratefully munching on a riceball, and the inviting bowls of ramen from Ponyo. Of course, this also includes No-Face devouring everything.

As a very special bonus, the exhibit will also feature life-size recreations of the kitchen from the countryside home in My Neighbor Totoro, as well as the kitchen on board the Tiger Moth pirate ship from Castle in the Sky. Unfortunately, neither are functional, but they give fans a rare opportunity to step into the worlds of the films.

The exhibition begins May 27th, and will continue until May next year.

You can look up information about the museum at their website. It is recommended to secure tickets in advance.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.