Perhaps the most adorable standoff of recent years is between Ken-chan, a black stray cat in the neighborhood of the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan, and the museum's veteran security guard. Ken-chan seems to be a bit of an art enthusiast, and constantly tries to enter the museum (especially when cat sculptures are on display) but is quite adorably rebuffed by the security guard, who Ken-chan seems to have a great relationship with.

The story added a touching twist when the museum reopened after a hiatus due to the pandemic, reuniting Ken-chan and the security guard who had been longing to see each other. Ken-chan apparently stood in front of the museum while it remained closed and acted as a guard of his own instead!

The feline and museum impasse tale has made yet another turn. Recently, Ken-chan was actually able to make his way as far as into the lobby of the museum on his own--sashaying with an extra pep in his step noticing the usual security guard was not posted outside.

Perhaps sensing a chance at finally breaking through, Ken-chan entered, only to be thwarted by a different obstacle!

Instead of his usual security frienemy, a female staff worker was able to provide Twitter with the adorable "eviction" of Ken-chan video that delights them so much. However, it didn't come without a bit of a struggle..

Ken-chan has become somewhat of a "local idol" of the museum, and the museum actually produces cat calendars and distribute card games with illustrations based on him and his stray cat family and friends, which is why he's constantly given pets, rubs, and snacks after being kicked out.

It's hard to say whether Ken-chan saw a chance to break in in the absence of the usual security guard, or if she was simply searching for his old friend deeper inside the museum. Either way, it seems he's made a new friend!

By - Big Neko.