In 2019, Lapras was dubbed the official Pokemon ambassador of Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Since then he’s starred in pedal boats at Michinoku Park, and even made personal appearances. If you’re willing to travel around, you can find him on various Pokemon-themed manhole covers across the prefecture.

This winter season, Lapras fans are getting a treat for the eyes and the mouth, with a special themed cafe menu which is popping up at a cafe in Sendai. The menu will include about ten items, and each one is inspired by either Lapras or another Pokemon who is ambassador to a prefecture in the Tohoku region. There’s main meals, desserts and even drinks to be had, and some are available for takeout.

As Lapras is a water Pokemon, he’s represented by a seafood gratin as a savoury option (1580 yen).

And for dessert, the aquatic theme is continued with Lapras’s blue pancakes (1280 yen).

Iwate’s ambassador Geodude appears as the rice of a keema curry (1580 yen).

Chansey, Fukushima’s ambassador, also joins the menu as chirashi sushi (1580 yen).

This event will be running at Cross B Plus in Sendai from now until 16th January 2022 (closed from 29th December to 3rd January). The Pokemon menu is only available between 10 am and 5 pm. Check out the website to see the full menu and book a table!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.