Shoji, or traditional sliding paper doors, require regular maintenance. In particular, the paper panel portions of the doors can be easily punctured and accumulate wear and tear over the years and thus are regularly replaced.

The regularity of such maintenance is even more frequent for those who live with cats, as they appear to be the natural enemy of shoji doors, often ripping open panels and getting in hilarious predicaments.

Japanese Twitter user Econeco @ECONECOxxx) is definitely familiar with that problem, so much that after repeated damage to shoji doors by her family cat, she decided to take things into her own hands in a beautiful and artistic way!

Econeco shared her sliding door renovations much to the delight of Twitter, saying "At the end of the year I desperately worked to replace my shoji. As a result of my cat repeatedly shattering the panels, I replaced them all with cloth."

Source: @ECONECOxxx

Source: @ECONECOxxx

Not only are the beautifully renovated cloth sliding doors more cat claw-proof, they also provide a gorgeous and colorful atmosphere for the household when sunlight shines through them.

Of course, that hasn't stopped a certain someone from their old habits.

Econeco used a selection of cute cloth sheets and handkerchiefs to reconstruct the shoji with the help of a glue gun to fix up some of the damaged spots.

Which seems to have let the cat know that their old tricks won't quite work anymore!

By - Big Neko.