Usually simply called airsoft in other countries, survival games (called "sabage" for short) are what Japan calls the competitive team hobby of pitting two teams of airsoft of BB-gun wielding players against each other in capture-the-flag style play. As they've become increasingly popular in Japan, dedicated survival game hobbyists have taken to outdoor battlefields wearing elaborate body armor, weapons, and even cosplay.

Twitter user and survival game enthusiast MSS Murasame Rabbit (@BKgGInadKnIe3af) recently showed just how high quality those costumes can get. MSS Murasame Rabbit wowed many on Twitter when he shared a "before and after" picture comparing his survival game gear in 2019 and his current armor in 2021.


From meager beginnings, MSS Murasame Rabbit has completely upgraded his armor into a full-blown cyborg-esque ensemble that's masterfully detailed it almost looks like CG and is reminiscent of mecha anime. Take look at this amazing quality.


MSS Murasame Rabbit calls the body armor suit "Aluminum Large", and hand crafted it mainly from joint mats. He explained that when struck by an airsoft bullet, the hollow structure makes a distinct "clunking" sound that makes it easy to understand if a direct hit has been scored. While you might wonder about it standing out as opposed to camouflage, MSS Murasame Rabbi says he specifies in playing an armor type of style, where other players wear gear from popular fiction like Predator and The Mandalorian.

The stunning armor suit looks just as good paired with a gun or a blade, and as you can see in the video below, appears to be quite easy to move around in!

The talented hobbyist also provided images detailing the evolution of the armor over time.

And has even made another awesome armor set!

You can follow MSS Murasame Rabbit on Twitter to check in on his awesome body armor designs.

By - Big Neko.