Typically when exploring Kyoto, many are in search of its gorgeous shrines, temples, and natural scenery. But for all its fascinating sights and sounds, you wouldn't exactly expect to find a building that stares back at you or looks like it could devour you whole.

Japanese photographer mame (@daizphoto) found just that, however, and couldn't pass up a chance to snap a shot that has many on Twitter both delighted and a somewhat terrified.

Source: @daizphoto

"I found a cute building in Kyoto."

As you can see, the front of the building has remarkable facial features, with the entrance to the being a mouth, the windows on the second floor as eyes, and the middle section being a nose. As mame points out, the building's design is quite cute, with many on Twitter likening it to Woody from Toy Story or C-3P. Others however pointed out that if you were to stumbled upon it at night, it could be quite the scary sight.

As for the building itself, it's said to simply be a general goods store--although there's nothing general about its appearance!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.