For some time now, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson's original series, "Uchi Café," has been releasing delicious desserts made in collaboration with various sweets brands.

Among them, the collaborations with famous chocolate brand Godiva are particularly popular, often surprising shoppers with their combination of quality and reasonable price.

These Godiva collaborations are released on a regular basis and come in many varieties such as roll cakes, chocolate terrines, and cookie sandwiches.

They're so popular, in fact, that they're often sold out, making them a "must buy" when you see them.

Uchi Café x GODIVA: Gâteau Biscuit Chocolat

We were able to snatch up one of the last of the latest edition at our local Lawson, a chocolate log-shaped cake called Gâteau Biscuit Chocolat, which is French for "cake with cookie (crust)."

Photo by © Grape

The first thing that impresses you when you open the package is how beautiful this cake looks.

The chocolate ganache is decorated in beautiful lines, with cacao nibs and colorful strawberries creating a nice visual accent on top.

Once again, the Uchi Café x GODIVA series has created a sophisticated dessert that looks more like something you'd be served in a nice restaurant rather than a product sold in a convenience store.

Photo by © Grape

When we cut it in half to get a cross-section, we could see that the cake rested on a cookie crust followed by a layer of solid chocolate.

On top of that, and forming the main body of the cake, there was a generous amount of Belgian chocolate ganache enveloping a core of fresh cream sweetened with condensed milk from Hokkaido.

We took a bite and were pleased by the satisfying combination of textures: crispy cookie and velvety chocolate with an elegant and subtle sweetness. It tasted quite luxurious and we were eager to take a second bite.

Before we knew it, we were staring at an empty plate...

If you see the Gâteau Biscuit Chocolat the next time you visit Lawson, be sure to snatch one up! At only 352 JPY plus tax, it's a small price to pay for a delicious dessert.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.