Cat lovers are quite used to making a number of concessions to their feline better halves, but one particular one is when in bed. Even if a cat is firmly situated between your legs or forcing you into a less-than-preferred sleeping position, you just can't bring yourself to turn over or readjust at the risk of upsetting a resting kitty

Japanese Twitter user @kuroneko_ol recently shared a video that shows a bit of a gap in that level of awareness between cats and humans, albeit in an adorable way. She set up a camera to film her cat's actions overnight, and was pleasantly surprised to see that around 4 AM, her two cats Mary and Pippen (although not thinking much about her sleeping comfort) were climbing all over her.

@kuroneko_ol and many on Twitter were delighted to find the two cats crawling over as she slept in her futon, pawing and making biscuits in a video where you can sense a little bit of selfishness in them, but also a whole lot of love for their sleeping human.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.