Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut is always on the ball when it comes to seasonal events. They go all in for Halloween with black cat and ghost-themed treats, and last Valentine’s Day they released a particularly romantic lineup.

But finally the time has come for the return of the sakura doughnut offerings. This spring, Mister Donut are marking the occasion with four cherry blossom-inspired doughnuts. Each one contains distinctly Japanese flavours and ingredients. The dough has a mochi-like texture and has been formed into a blossom shape perfect for the season.

The ‘Sakura An’ flavour combines a sakura taste with salty accents. It’s covered in a sakura red bean glaze which contains sakura leaf.

The next option also leans into this salty and sweet taste. The ‘Sakura Leaf Flavour’ doughnut has a glaze inspired by the taste of sakura mochi.

The ‘Kinako’ doughnut has a sakura base and is sprinkled with kinako sugar. Kinako is roasted soy bean flour, an ingredient often used in traditional Japanese sweets and desserts.

The final doughnut in the lineup is the 'Sakura An and Whip', as in sakura bean paste and whipped cream. The sakura bean paste contains sakura leaf, and it's sandwiched along with the whipped cream in the middle. This attractive treat is dusted with sugar and finished off with some decorative lines of white chocolate.

The collection is currently on sale at branches of Mister Donut in Japan, and will only be around until the end of March.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.