You don't necessarily have to have fish for sushi. As long as you have sushi rice (shari) and a topping (neta), you're in business. Popular Japanese kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt, sushi chain Kappa Sushi offers quite a lot in that regard, with offerings like Kobe beef uni sushi and Christmas fried chicken and mayo sushi plates.

Their latest heavy duty concoction more than doubles down on that meaty sushi idea, stacking loads of beef on a sushi plate to the point where you'll have trouble finding the rice. Their new Meat Meat Mountain Tower sushi certainly looks to live up to its name.

The Meat Meat Mountain Tower is part of Kappa Sushi's "Naughty Series" and appears to be quite the layered sushi plate. As the image below breaks town, the sushi stacks six slices of roast Angus beef on top of Kappa Sushi's signature rice, and is topped with a golden "sauce" in the form of egg yolk and slathered in another layer of burnt garlic sauce.

Priced at 330 yen, you may not to order much more for a filling sushi dinner. According to the picture below, you can spot the rice--but it appears to be quite the healthy serving.

The Meat Meat Mountain Tower sushi will be available at Kappa Sushi restaurants throughout Japan from March 14th-21st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.