YOU+MORE! is a miscellaneous goods brand from Felissimo that is trending for its “kawaii” items. Their official Twitter account is followed by over 42.8k people and their Instagram account has 1.6k followers!

Starting this month, the popular brand has released another cute series: Travel destination-inspired ice cream float* pouches (「旅先の風景を映したクリームソーダポーチの会」tabisaki no fūkē o utsushita kurīmu soda pōchi no kai). The pouches are sold on their official shopping website. It's a collaboration with a unique creator, ice cream float craftsman tsunekawa (クリームソーダ職人 kurīmu sōda shokunin tsunekawa).

*ice cream float is クリームソーダ kurīmu sōda in japanese.

Colorful and cute pouches that look nothing like a pouch

If you find this ice cream float on your desk on a hot day, you might think “Wow! This is the perfect drink for today!” It really looks like a real ice cream float although it's made of synthetic, non-edible materials, not sugar, ice cream, cherry, and colored syrup.

The ice cream float isn’t just sweet, but it’s really practical. The pouch is 17.5 cm tall, and its diameter is 8 cm. It would be good to use as a pencil case just like the picture above. This pouch could help add some excitement to your study and work.

There are four designs. From the left, deep green ice cream float (深緑のクリームソーダ shinryoku no kurīmu sōda), ice cream float on a summer day (夏の日のクリームソーダ natsu no hi no kurīmu sōda), fleeting dream ice cream float (浅い夢のクリームソーダ asai yume no kurīmu sōda), and ice cream float at dawn when you part ways with the night (夜とお別れする頃のクリームソーダ yoru to owakaresurukoro no kurīmu sōda).

Each pouch is 2,640 JPY (tax included). Unlike many shops, Felissimo uses a subscription business model. If you order on their website, you will in fact purchase a four-month subscription to this product, where you will randomly receive one of the four designs each month. The order is random, but there will be no repeats. In four months*, you’ll get all of the flavors!

How about getting a cute ice cream float that doesn’t melt for summer?

*If you want to buy only one pouch, you need to contact them to stop the subscription.

About ice cream float craftsman tsunekawa

クリームソーダ職人tsunekawa (ice cream float craftsman tsunekawa) is a popular creator. He runs a fashion brand and a café. He periodically posts beautiful pictures and videos of his original ice cream floats on social media.


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).