TikTok user markママ mark mama (@mark_golden_) recently posted a video of their two-year-old Golden Retriever firmly holding half of a Napa cabbage in its jaws.

In the comments, they revealed that they had bought the cabbage with the intention of stir-frying it with pork... but it seems that their beloved pet had other plans for it.

You can see why the owner captioned the video with "Oh...no way...":

@mark_golden_ ほんの一瞬でこれだもの#ゴールデンレトリバー #犬のいる生活 #今日のご飯が一品減りました#笑うかない #一瞬で諦 ♬ Cute March - LeaFie

The half cabbage is entirely wrapped in plastic and you can see the label indicating that it was packaged that way at the supermarket. Napa cabbages can be very big, so they are often sold in halves and sometimes even quarters in Japan.

The dog, perhaps aware that he is doing something wrong, does not make eye contact with his owner....

The dog's stubborn refusal to let go and the impactful way in which he tightly holds the cabbage in his jaws elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "You can't get mad at him when he's that desperate...Not to mention it's only cabbage..."
  • "It's okay, move along. There's nothing to see here..."
  • "I'm so glad he likes Napa cabbage. My furbaby won't eat vegetables, so I'm a bit jealous."
  • "He looks cute both in front and in profile!"

According to the owner, the moment they saw what happened, they Googled "dog" and "Napa cabbage" to make sure there was no problem giving it to him. As it turns out, it's OK to feed dogs Napa cabbage but in moderation.

To see if it would have any effect, the owner pretended not to notice then left the room for 15 seconds. However, when they returned, they found that their dog had gobbled up all the cabbage already.

This is one cabbage-loving dog! Maybe next time, the owner can try adding some cabbage in his bowl!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.