On May 13th, 2022, Twitter user ふっちゃん Fucchan (@nyannyan_8919) posted a photo on their Twitter account which made people react with comments such as "Wow!" and "I was surprised at how different it is (...)"

The person in the photo is Fucchan's daughter.

Just imagine how old she is from that back view!

Image used with permission from ふっちゃん Fucchan (@nyannyan_8919)

"Is she three years old?" "Maybe a first-grader in elementary school?" some of you may have guessed.

In fact, Fucchan's daughter is only 8 months old!

From her well-groomed and plentiful crop of hair beautifully cut into a bob, it's difficult to imagine that she hasn't even reached her first birthday.

The photo elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "Wow! I thought she was in elementary school. What beautiful straight hair!"
  • "Your daughter's hair is amazing. I was surprised at how different it is from my daughter's. I didn't know that children can grow such beautiful hair at such a young age."
  • "The back of her head doesn't look like a baby's...! Her hair is so beautiful!"
  • "My son has a lot of hair, too, but it's curly and looks like an afro. Each child is different, it's so interesting!"

According to Fucchan, when she goes to a family restaurant with her daughter, the waiter usually offers her the kids' menu even though she has yet to be weaned off pureed fruits and vegetables.

The waiter is then surprised to learn that her daughter is still a baby!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.