We all want to make ourselves look better in front of the person we are attracted to. But maybe it's not only humans who think so...

Here's a cat who became somewhat of a topic on Twitter by showing a complete change of attitude when he's around his favorite human.

He's "usually an old fart"

According to his owner みふゆ Mifuyu (@mifuyu_916), Sasuke, the cat, is "usually an old fart."

Reproduced with permission from みふゆ Mifuyu (@mifuyu_916)

Even if his human thinks he can look like "an old fart," lying like this without a care in the world, whenever her high school senior daughter is around, his attitude suddenly changes.

See for yourself:

Reproduced with permission from みふゆ Mifuyu (@mifuyu_916)

"Sasuke-senpai goes into kitten mode whenever he gets a hug from my daughter"

Sasuke, with this innocent expression on his face, looks like a completely different cat!

According to his human, Sasuke always sleeps by her daughter's bedside, and his "love" for her is obvious even to those around him.

She always asks her daughter, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Sasuke's ability to suddenly change may suit his ninja namesake, since he seems to be a master of disguise!

His changing appearance elicited numerous comments online, such as:

  • "They look so different!"
  • "Both of these versions of Sasuke are so cute!"
  • "Look at the sparkle in his eyes when he's with her lol"

With a look like that, there's no doubt Sasuke's made his feelings clear.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.