When Japan's Unko Museum, or Poop Museum, first opened up in Yokohama, it made such a splash in the toilet that it soon after got a Tokyo expansion with its very own Poop Arcade and Poop Convenience store.

The reason for that is that the museum isn't just an educational center to learn about poop as you might assume, but was actually made with the theme of introducing how poop is seen as kawaii, or cute, in Japan to the world. Because of that, the museum is very hands-on, with interactive exhibits featured in "Pooperactive areas", and plenty of colorful merchandise that resembles the perfectly coiled emoji-like "cute" poops that the museum takes pride in.

Starting June 16th, the Poop Museum Tokyo will be reminding us that poop isn't just for humans, as they will be opening up a whole new area debuting a new species of doodoo called Unko Doubutsu--Poop Animals! The poop animals are said to be waiting at the museum, wagging their tails in anticipation to meet guests and play with them in a new interactive exhibit.

The Poop Museum even proposes a theory for the sudden appearance of the animal poops--one that says that in the three years since the birth of the Poop Museum, people's poop levels have improved, and the poop animals, which were previously invisible to the naked eye, may now be visible.

According to the museum, 12 different species of poop animals have been discovered, varying in color and size depending on the environment in which they were raised.

The Tokyo Poop Museum boasts that all of the poop animals have gentle personalities and love humans very much, and that they are currently waiting for you today with their tails wagging. Visitors to the museum can meet with each poop animal and observe them in their natural environment--here's a breakdown of each poop animal type with personality traits about them provided by the museum!

Kotaro and Wasabi (shiba inu model)

Their fluffy tail is their "charm point", and they are very interested and curious in everything they see. They're also very good at frisbee.

Melon and Ichigo (calico cat model)

Brother and sister. Melon likes to roll around in the yard. Ichigo and he are good friends, but sometimes fight over the little things.

Udon and Komugi (fox model)

Mother and son. Udon is very smart and understands all human languages, while Komugi is a recently born naughty boy who has to be held down by Udon.

Riko (squirrel model)

A poop animal found in the trees, often has swollen cheeks from scarfing down nuts.

Omochi (Hard to say, but we are guessing its a long-tailed tit model)

A pure white poop animal found in heavy snowfall areas that struggle in hot weather. It has a voice like a canary.

Jenny (Persian cat model)

A poop animal found living in foreign castles. It moves slowly and gracefully and actually smells nice!

Ramune (cat model)

A poop animal found near the seashore, it can swim using its tial.

Shimappo (raccoon model)

A clean-living poop animal that washes everything it eats carefully and has a striped tail.

King (horse model)

His regal mane is his big attraction. Despite his large frame he has a laidback personality and never neighs.

The new area (a conceptual image is shown below) will open on June 16th at the Unko Museum Tokyo. You can follow the official website for updates and details.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.