Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy Arts Corporation has announced a new toy that is both fun and practical and sure to please sushi lovers young and old.

The クルクルのりまき工場 kuru kuru norimaki fakutorī, literally "round and round nori (sushi) roll factory," is an all-in-one food preparation toy that allows you to make nori rolls while "driving" a sushi loader along a circular rail track. You can also use the track as a sushi carousel that delivers up to two completed nori rolls.

The all-in-one toy will go on sale in October 2022 at a suggested retail price of 6,578 JPY (including tax).

The "Kuru Kuru Norimaki Factory" is equipped with an "automatic nori roll mechanism" and, as the name implies, allows kids (or kids at heart) to enjoy the process of making sushi in a step-by-step manner, just like in a factory.

Of course, the toy doesn't come with any food so you'll need to provide the sushi rice (preferably Japanese rice blended with sushi vinegar), nori strips and the sushi toppings you want to put on the rice.

The first thing to do is mold the sushi rice into shape with a specialized tool.

Once you've loaded your sushi rice onto the sushi loader and sent it on its way, the first stop is the "Nori Rolling Gate" which automatically rolls the nori onto the rice.


Then, the next step is the Topping Dropper, which automatically places toppings on top of the rice.

When the sushi is completed, it will be dropped in front of the "Sushi Geta Slider".

You can fold down the legs to stand it and serve your sushi...

...or fold down the wheels to transform it into a freight car. When you connect it to the "Sushi Loader," the rail track that you just used as your "nori roll production line" is transformed into a sushi carousel!

This product won the "Japan Toy Award 2022" in the "Communication Toys Category"

You can see the factory "in operation" in the video below:

For more information, see the product page on Takara Tomy Arts Co.'s official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.