The history of fashion clearly shows that looks go in and out of style with the times.

Not only clothing, but also makeup and hairstyles go through trends. While some people do their best to follow them, many people don't want to be bothered by continual updates and rather aim for a classic look. As the saying goes, "good fashion never dies."

Case in point. Japanese animation fan and writer かねひさ和哉 Kazuya Kanehisa (@kane_hisa), who is interested in the history and modes of expression of animation, recently went viral on Twitter for his fashion makeover showing his appreciation for "the classics."

Online praise for "trying to look old-fashioned"

Kanehisa posted two photos showing his before and after transformation:

"I've been rushing headlong in my pursuit of making my look 'old-fashioned.' After two years, this is the result."

Reproduced with permission from かねひさ和哉 Kazuya Kanehisa (@kane_hisa)

In the first photo, Kanehisa's look is contemporary, with his hair dyed a bright color, casual clothes, and thick-framed glasses.

In the second photo taken two years later, his hair is fixed with pomade into a stiff style with a part on one side. He also wears thin-framed round glasses and a vintage double-suited suit from the 1940s.

His classical look is just like that of a young man in prewar Japan!

Kanehisa has always been a fan of popular culture, with a particular interest in vintage animation and film. As he came into contact with these materials from the past, he became fascinated by the charm of classical men's wear, and that's how he came to pursue this kind of fashion.

The way he expresses his passion for his interests through his personal appearance has received admiring comments and over 124,600 likes at the time of writing, such as:

  • "What wonderful dandyism! I wish I could do that too."
  • "So cool! He looks like something out of a textbook, reproducing the mood of prewar Japan."
  • "The 'after' look suits you the best, so the makeover was a great success. You've brought out your natural charms most admirably!"

Kazuya Kanehisa talks about his retro makeover

Kanehisa was kind enough to answer a few questions for a writer at our sister site Grape:

Q: How did you come to pursue this kind of old-fashioned style?

"Originally, I wasn't too interested in fashion, but exclusively in vintage animations and movies.

I am still doing a lot of research on old animations from the 1920s and 1930s. In the process of doing so, my interest broadened, and eventually I developed a comprehensive interest in the culture of the early 20th century, including fashion, music, architecture, and film.

In the process, I began to think, 'I'd like to try to align my look with my interests.'"

Q: How did you feel when you actually tried classical fashion?

"Before, I was indifferent about my clothes and had an intense complex about the way I looked, so I thought it was impossible to express myself through my external appearance.

However, by incorporating classical clothing into my life, I realized I could exteriorize what I liked and this was a fun, new sensation for me.

I feel that I can now affirm myself just the way I am without forcing myself to be 'stylish.'"

Q: How did you get the 1940s suit you are wearing?

"I bought the suit at an auction site.

Suits from this era are very valuable nowadays, and there are many collectors who collect them, so they're not easy to afford..."

Q: Going forward, are there other things you'd like to try?

"I've always been active as a writer and video producer, but I believe that all of my activities grow from a common root: I want to express and introduce the things I like to the world.

So, I'd like to continue doing this, expressing my likes in various forms and sharing them with many people."

For the immediate future, Kanehisa says he'll continue to finetune his appearance, for example, requesting a taylor to adjust his 1940s suit to better fit his body.

He'll surely continue conveying the charms of the fashion and culture of Japan's prewar years while finding happiness in expressing himself through his vintage look.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.