When it comes to pictures that capture the soul of summer, it's hard to think of many better candidates than a dog frolicking in water sprayed from a hose or sprinkler.

Japanese Twitter user inubot (@inu_10kg), who loves their shiba inu so much they even have a book about them, was recently treated to maybe the best version of that scene we've seen.

Source: @inu_10kg

Source: @inu_10kg

While playing in the spray of water, inubot's happy-go-lucky shiba is enjoying a drink--and right as inubot snapped a photo of the scene, they captured the dog's tongue perfectly forming a heart!

The shiba's cheerful expression, jumping joy through the wave of water, and perfectly timed "heart tongue" has been a big hit on Twitter, with many replies interpreting the heart as a good luck charm for the summer season.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.