With cup ramen and other varieties of instant noodles being enjoyed so commonly in Japan, we've seen a lot of Japanese makers play around with creative weights to keep lids shut and perfectly cook up a batch of noodles. Whether it be flapjack octopuses, Pokémon, or bodybuilders who bench press your chopsticks, there are some fun ways to choose from when it comes to keeping your noodle lid shut.

Figure maker B'full's newest for a ramen cup lid weight has a bit of a different intended goal, however. While they work to hold your lid down, they're also meant to discourage you from overindulging or drinking too much soup. How do they accomplish both? By being shaped like fat stomachs popping out of pants, of course.

The cup noodles weights are simply called "Metabolic." They secure the lid of your instant noodles while they cook, but come in the form of two pudgy bellies, which B'full says may help you look away from when you are about to take the plunge and finish off all those extra calories in the leftover soup. The guilty conscious weights come in two types, a stomach that protrudes over the edge of the cup and another that is popping out of jeans that no longer fit.

One more very distinct feature on these blubbery bellies might especially help you from coming back to your soup for seconds. Because of their 3-D and realistic nature, that means they have details all the way around them--including a visible plumber's crack!

Both the pudgy stomach and jeans version can be ordered on Amazon.

With heavy duty Cup Noodle flavors like French Fry and Chicken Nuggets, it may be a worthy investment...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.