To keep up with the constant wave of new types of instant noodles released, such as Sour Cream and Onion Pringles flavored yakisoba and even Cup Noodles that provide all of your daily nutrition, Japan needs to have some noodle-related tools and accessories at the ready.

Many of these (like Nissin's noise-canceling fork to prevent "noodle harassment" or a flapjack octopus lid to guarantee perfectly cooked noodles), but beauty and health goods maker Zyplus is hoping to provide a bit of practicality with their latest release: a "noodle wall" that perfectly fits your smartphone for lunchtime viewing while also providing splash damage protection.

The "Noodle Wall" comes in the shape of a rather nondescript business folder, so it fits perfectly into an office setting without taking up too much space (it's roughly the same size as a B5 sheet of paper). When eating at your desk, you can give yourself a sense of privacy as well as protect your keyboard from any broth splashes.

You can also slide your smartphone into a protective case inside the folder to catch up on anything you need to watch.

The Noodle Wall is available on Amazon for 2,178 yen.

By - Big Neko.