Chocolate and alcohol have long been a beloved pairing for sweets and drink lovers alike. While enjoyed separately, there's something about a biting into a piece of chocolate and that has a boozy kick loaded into it gives your dessert treat and extra layer of deliciousness. It's not something you necessarily think of when biting into traditional Japanese sweets, however.

Well, until now! Imuraya, a Japanese sweets maker known for their use of red beans, is bringing the booze to the world of Japanese sweets by releasing anko red bean paste infused with sake and rum.

The first of the two seems like a natural fit for more traditional Japanese sweets such as nerikiri. The "Nihonshu (Japanese sake) scented Anko" serves up red bean paste infused with Imuraya's "Fukuwagura Junmai Ginjo," a sake characterized by its fruity and elegant flavor. Imuraya recommends spreading a dollop on top of your ice cream--which as we all know, is a perfect pairing for anko.

The second, "Rum scented Anko", mixes red bean paste with minced raisins and Myer's dark rum. Imuraya suggests pairing it with saltier snacks such as crackers, although it would probably go great with anything.

The rum and sake anko contain .5% and .8% content, so you won't be getting too sloshed on your treats. They come in a cup serving so you can eat it just as is, or apply to your favorite desserts as a Japanese sweets topping. Both will go on sale throughout Japan starting August 18th, as well as on Imuraya's online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.